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How Recruitment teams can help prevent the Gender Pay Gap.

Figuratively speaking, there is a huge Cyclone forming off the coast of Australia and not many people are prepared. In fact many are looking in completely the wrong direction.

It is due to hit landfall at the end of February and for some it will be a Cat 5. For others it will be a beautiful sunny day.

I am talking about the WGEA publishing the gender pay gaps for ALL employers with over 100 employees.

For those showing pay gaps it is going to be a huge issue. It will destroy employer brands and employee value propositions, and severely impact the ability to attract and retain staff. 

For example, Two-thirds of people who said that if they could see that there was a gender pay gap in their organisation, they would consider leaving. Two-thirds considering looking else where. And where do they look - companies who are shown not to have a gender pay gap (hence the sunny day for those employers!)

So what can recruitment teams do. Well, the goal should be to stop gender pay gaps happening in the first place.

One of the drivers of pay gaps is down to under-representation of women in the recruiting process. 

Under-representation be caused by two factors. 1. not enough Women applying and 2. Women leaving the recruitment process once they have applied.

Candidate Experience is a huge driver of this.

This is why 4 months ago we added in Benchmarcx the ability to see how candidate experience differs by gender.

At any time you can see across over 100 benchmarked data points (meaning you can compare it across other employers as a collective), some incredible, actionable insights.

For example, Benchmarcx will tell you at a click of a button:

Does our application process favour men more than women?

Do men have a better experience at interview then women?

Do Women find our interviews professional? How does that compare to men?

How does onboarding differ in Week 1. How does that change after one month and three?

This data will provide incredible insights and help in driving overall organisational focus on gender equity.

It all runs in real-time is automated and so easy to set up you could be collecting this data within the next hour.

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