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The Candidate Experience Benchmarking Platform for Employers.
See how you compare with your competition.
Designed by recruitment leaders, for recruitment leaders.


Changing how employers measure

candidate experience.


We are building the global standard for measuring candidate experience, delivering like for like, automated benchmarking in real-time.


Gain a competitive advantage. Easily capture and benchmark your candidate experience and compare this to other employers looking to hire the same skills.

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Easy Analysis

via our Benchmarking Dashboard


Check out your results dashboard for each stage of your recruitment process, see how your scores compare to our real-time benchmark data. You can also deep dive into any stage to see what is driving your scores. Every survey questions has benchmark data for comparison.

Filter your scores and benchmarks by role type, industry or country.

An image of Benchmarcx candidate experince results dashboard.
Candidate submitting their candidate experience scores.

Works Easily with any ATS


We have made it super simple to get started. Recruitment teams simply add their BenchmarCX survey links to their candidate email templates triggered through their ATS. Once done, sit back and relax and log into your results dashboard.

Support Gender Equity

Discover how CX differs by gender, what elements of the process are proving to be blockers and how do these compare via our employer benchmarking data.  From application through to onboarding.

An image of Benchmarcx candidate experince results dashboard.
An image of Benchmarcx candidate experince results dashboard.

100+ Benchmarked data points

We have over 100 candidate & employee experience benchmarked data points across our surveys and results dashboard giving you valuable insights into where your candidate experience is competitive or may need attention.

Our Benchmarked Stages

Chose which surveys are right for you. All are included in your subscription:


  • Application Experience (free with Benchmarcx Lite)

  • Direct Sourcing Experience

  • Unsuccessful after application Experience

  • Unsuccessful after Interview Experience

  • Hired Candidate experience

  • In Process CX Pulse Check

  • Hiring Manager Feedback

  • Onboarding Week 1

  • Onboarding Month 1

  • Onboarding Month 3

  • Exit Interviews

Take our Free Candidate Experience Diagnostic Test

Take our 1-minute test to see how you compare when it comes to the richness of your CX data and levels of measurement: Answer 10 questions and discover how to improve how you measure candidate experience.

  • It takes just 1 minute

  • It’s completely free

  • Receive results instantly

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