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The Crucial Role of Gender Equity in Candidate Experience.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

In today’s competitive job market, building a diverse and inclusive workforce isn't just the right thing to do—it’s also a smart business strategy. Gender equity is at the heart of this push. How does your company measure gender equity throughout your recruitment process? Are you only scratching the surface, or are you diving deep?

Beyond Applications and Hires: The Importance of the In-between

Most employers will simply look at who applied (however, this is an optional disclosure) and who they hired. This approach, though common, only scratches the surface. Very few measure between these two points, the crucial phase where potential employees actually experience the culture of your company. One of the best ways to evaluate your company’s standing is to measure the equity in the candidate experience.

Identifying the Inequities: Questions to Ask

How does candidate experience differ by gender? Is there inequity that we can fix? Is it our application questions that are biased? What about the actual interview? Are our careers content materials inclusive? These questions are vital in uncovering subtle and not-so-subtle disparities that can affect a candidate’s experience and, ultimately, your company’s reputation.

Introducing Benchmarcx: Your Partner in Recruitment Analytics

With Benchmarcx, you can capture this data across 100 different candidate journey points. You can also filter this by the role and your industry for even deeper analysis. More importantly, you can benchmark your results against our real-time benchmarking data to see how you compare.

This level of analysis goes beyond simple numbers. It delves into the nuanced journey that candidates of different genders experience as they engage with your company. It answers critical questions:

  • Are different genders receiving the same level of experience, fairness, communication and engagement?

  • Is there a pattern suggesting that candidates of a particular gender could be consistently falling out of the process at a specific stage?

  • Are unconscious biases impacting how different candidates are interviewed and evaluated?

Automation at Its Best

And the best part? It’s all automated. By simply adding our Benchmarcx URLs to your candidate emails—already being sent out during your recruitment process—you initiate a seamless, comprehensive analysis.

This doesn’t just save you time; it transforms your recruitment analytics strategy entirely. It’s no longer about passively collecting data; it’s about actively using this data to drive meaningful change.

A Game Changer in Recruitment

This is proving to be a game-changer in recruitment analytics. In a world where gender equity is not just a buzzword but a critical component of corporate responsibility and brand image, Benchmarcx stands as an indispensable tool.

By leveraging Benchmarcx, you are not merely reacting to trends—you are setting the standard for gender equity in candidate experience, demonstrating that your company isn’t just talking about equity; it’s actively promoting it at every step of the hiring process.

In Conclusion

In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gender equity, the recruitment process of a company plays a foundational role. It’s time for organisations to move beyond just looking at who is applying and who is being hired. It’s time to closely examine the candidate experience through a gender lens, and there’s no better partner for this crucial task than Benchmarcx.

With Benchmarcx, you’re shaping the future of your company and paving the way for a more equitable world. Contact us for more information.

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