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Standout against 98% of your competition - The Subtle Candidate Experience Play Enhancing Employer Branding.

There is a very subtle, yet extremely powerful employer brand play, that most employers are missing out on.

As someone who applied to over 300 jobs last year for research purposes, I've noticed a significant lack of employers using this approach. In fact less than 2% of employers (of non-Benchmarcx customers) did this. Herein lies the opportunity for you to differentiate yourself as an employer.

It's simply asking candidates for their feedback and insights as they progress through your recruitment process. It's important to note the "as they progress" rather than after the hiring decision is made when it is too late to influence them.

Consider the immediate impact when a candidate receives a message right after applying: "Thanks for applying, we really care about your experience with us, we would love you to share via these three questions what it was like for you to apply to us." This simple request can significantly differentiate an employer from its competitors.

Here's a deeper look into why this strategy is so effective:

1. Candidate Engagement: Engaging with candidates throughout the process shows that the employer values their time and opinions, enhancing the employer's brand as caring and attentive. Beyond just gathering feedback, this engagement fosters a dialogue between the candidate and the company. It shows that the employer is not just collecting data but is genuinely interested in the candidate's thoughts and feelings, which can turn an ordinary application process into a standout experience.

2. Transparency: Regular feedback mechanisms signal transparency. This openness can build trust with potential hires, portraying the company as honest and straightforward. In a job market where candidates often feel left in the dark, clear and continuous communication can be a beacon of integrity and reliability, qualities highly valued by job seekers and ultimately employees. It is an insight to what it may be like to work for you.

3. Enhanced Communication: Asking for feedback frequently can improve communication between the employer and candidates, making candidates feel more involved and valued. This can lead to more informed candidates who understand what to expect next, reducing anxiety and building a stronger rapport with the potential employer.

4. Increased Candidate Loyalty: Candidates who see that their feedback is taken seriously are more likely to feel a positive connection to the employer, regardless of the outcome of their application. This connection might encourage them to reapply in the future or accept a job offer if one is made, as they perceive the company as genuinely interested in their development and welfare.

5. Positive Word-of-Mouth: Candidates are more likely to share positive experiences with their network, especially if they feel their voice was heard and valued, which can improve the employer’s reputation. This organic promotion is invaluable as peer recommendations are often more trusted than traditional corporate advertising.

The feedback from candidates on platforms like Benchmarcx, who often express their gratitude simply for being asked to share their experience, underscores the power of this approach. It's a subtle yet profoundly impactful method that could significantly set an employer apart in a competitive job market.

By incorporating these strategies, companies not only enhance their employer brand but also build stronger, more communicative relationships with potential employees. This approach turns the recruitment process into a valuable dialogue, where each party learns and benefits, paving the way for a more thoughtful and effective hiring process.

Benchmarcx revolutionises the recruitment process by seamlessly automating the capture of candidate experience data as applicants advance through your hiring stages. It provides real-time insights by comparing your results against comprehensive benchmarking data from other employers competing for the same talent. This enables you to make strategic, data-driven decisions instantly. Set up is less than 10 minutes.

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