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Measuring RPO's Beyond the Surface: The Value of Comprehensive Metrics

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, the way we measure the success of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers must also advance.

While 'Time to Hire' and 'Cost Per Hire' have likely been the dominant metrics, delving deeper into candidate experience and other comprehensive metrics can unlock a treasure trove of insights for employers.

So, why is it crucial to measure RPO's beyond the standard metrics?

1. Enhancing Brand Perception Every interaction a candidate has with your RPO shapes their perception of your brand. Even before a potential employee steps foot in your organisation, their experience during the recruitment phase sets the tone. A positive recruitment journey can enhance your brand image, turning candidates into brand advocates. Conversely, a negative experience can lead to detrimental word-of-mouth, potentially turning away top talent in the future. We even know employees who still join after a poor candidate experience start at a much lower base of engagement, belonging and performance than those who had a good experience - importantly this gap never closes driving employee turnover especially in the short-term.

2. Driving Competitive Advantage In the competitive world of talent acquisition, having a unique edge can make all the difference. By measuring nuanced elements of the recruitment process, you can identify areas of improvement that many might overlook. When you measure and optimise based on comprehensive metrics, you're not just keeping up with competitors but setting industry standards.

3. Ensuring Equity in Candidate Experience It's imperative to maintain an equitable candidate experience throughout the process. An inclusive approach ensures that every candidate, regardless of gender or other identifiers, is treated with consistent fairness, respect, and transparency. Disparities in the candidate experience, especially based on gender, can not only hinder diversity but also impact an organisation's reputation. By closely monitoring and measuring the experiences of all candidates as they navigate the recruitment journey, Employers and RPOs can identify and rectify potential biases or inconsistencies. This proactive stance fosters an environment where talent is recognised and valued purely on merit, ensuring a gender-balanced and diverse workforce. 4. Delivering a Superior Candidate Experience At the heart of recruitment is the candidate. Their journey, from the first point of contact to onboarding, speaks volumes about your company culture and values. A detailed measurement system allows RPO's and Employers to refine this journey, ensuring candidates feel valued, heard, and engaged throughout the process.

Enter Benchmarcx To truly harness the power of comprehensive RPO metrics, you need a tool designed for depth. Benchmarcx offers insights that go beyond 'Time to Hire'. Dive into 100+ Benchmarked Candidate Experience (CX) and Hiring Manager (HM) data points. With this holistic view, businesses can elevate their recruitment strategies, ensuring they are not only efficient but also effective in drawing top-tier talent. All our data is benchmarked in real-time so you can see how you compare.

In conclusion, it's time to reframe how we measure RPO success. Broadening our metrics allows for a richer, more informative, and ultimately more successful recruitment strategy.

We are proud to say we have reached the live finals of the Startup Innovation Competition at HR Technology Conference (the world's largest!) in Las Vegas in October.

Benchmarcx has been built by Recruitment Leaders for Recruitment Leaders. Book at 20 min look-see here, check our 1 minute explainer video or email

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