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Competitive Candidate Experience: Why CSAT & NPS Scores no longer cut it.

Whenever an employer says to me they deliver a great candidate experience, my response is "compared to who?"

Candidate Experience is so much more than Candidate Satisfaction (CSAT) and NPS Scores. It's about providing a Competitive Candidate Experience. 

The way you make a candidate feel during the recruitment process is a powerful lever that all employers have at their disposal. In fact 50% of people said it was the pivotal reason they joined their current employer. Only 19% said it was salary.

However how do you ensure you are competitive in delivering this CSAT and NPS will not tell you.

The Importance of Competitive Candidate Experience

Recently, I encountered two employers who were proud of their candidate experience, citing high CSAT scores of 4.5 out of 5. While this is commendable, it only tells part of the story. A deeper dive with a Benchmarcx employer revealed a more comprehensive picture.

Real-Time Benchmarking: A Closer Look

Through our benchmarking, we discovered that their application experience was 15% above the real-time benchmark data from other employers. This was 18% above other employers in the same industry, and for hard-to-fill roles, they were 17.5% above the benchmark. This indicates a highly competitive start to their recruitment cycle.

For candidates who weren't hired, their interview experience was 18% above the benchmark. This means that candidates entering their talent pool were more engaged compared to those entering other employers' pools. Additional metrics showed that professionalism in interviews was 15% above benchmark, recruiter interaction was 21% above, and the speed of the process was 16% above.

Identifying Areas for Improvement

Despite these impressive metrics, there was one area where they fell below the benchmark. This gap now represents their next focal point for improvement.

The Power of Candidate Experience Benchmarking

With over 100 data points available for analysis, the power of candidate experience benchmarking becomes clear. It's a crucial tool for understanding and improving the various facets of your recruitment process. This is why many employers are turning to Benchmarcx for comparative data to enhance their candidate experience.

By focusing on creating a competitive candidate experience, employers can significantly improve their hiring outcomes and talent pool engagement. It’s not just about satisfaction scores, but about delivering an exceptional and competitive experience throughout the recruitment journey.

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