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Candidate Experience impacts Employee Experience.

Study shows CX has a major impact on Employee experience, engagement and satisfaction.

By Steve Gard - Founder of Benchmarcx

A fascinating read in Shortlist today after BHP explained the results of their study where they have been tracking the relationship between the candidate experience and the resulting employee experience.

The results? Candidate experience is not only about your ability to hire - it has a significant impact on the employee experience.

Here are my two take aways from the article:

Positive Candidate Experience Leads to Better Employee Experience:

BHP's research indicates that candidates who have a favourable experience during the recruitment process tend to have a positive employee experience that aligns with their expectations.

This correlation suggests that investing in improving the candidate experience can have a lasting impact on employee engagement and satisfaction.

Negative Candidate Experience Has Long-Term Consequences:

The article highlights a significant finding that if candidates have an unfavourable experience during the hiring process, their employee experience, engagement, and sense of belonging start at a lower base and do not recover over time.

This underlines the long-lasting impact of a negative candidate experience on an employee's perception of the company, highlighting the need for organisations to ensure transparency, communication, and fairness throughout the hiring process.

These underpin why measuring candidate experience really matters. It's not just about hiring, it's about employee performance, engagement and retention.

However benchmarking your candidate experience is another level of insight altogether. Imagine being able to see how your CX and possible EX scores compare to your competition. You can also benchmark onboarding.

Check out which measures and benchmarks your CX against your competition.

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