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88% of Candidates Abandon Brands as Consumers After A Negative Recruitment Experience.

Updated: Jul 3

In a startling finding, a recent poll conducted by Benchmarcx has uncovered that a staggering 88% of individuals have ceased buying from a brand as consumers following a poor candidate experience. This finding underscores the critical interplay between candidate experiences and consumer behaviour, particularly for B2C employers and organisations.

The High Stakes of Candidate Experience for B2C Employers.

For B2C employers, the recruitment process transcends the confines of traditional HR responsibilities, extending into the realms of brand reputation and consumer loyalty. When a candidate engages with a brand through a job application, they are not just interacting with the employer's recruitment team but are also forming perceptions about the company's overall values and customer service ethos. A negative experience can taint their view of the brand, influencing their future consumer decisions.

The Role of HR and Recruitment Teams as Brand Custodians

During the recruitment process, HR and recruitment teams assume the dual role of managing both the employer brand and the broader consumer brand. This dual responsibility is pivotal in ensuring that candidates, regardless of the outcome of their application, remain loyal brand advocates.

1. Maintaining Brand Integrity: Every interaction a candidate has with the recruitment team should reinforce the brand’s values and mission. This consistency helps in maintaining the integrity of the brand in the eyes of the candidates.

2. Building Long-Term Relationships: A candidate who has a positive experience, even if they are not ultimately hired, is more likely to continue supporting the brand as a consumer. This positive sentiment can lead to long-term customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

3. Reflecting Consumer-Centric Values: Recruitment practices should mirror the company’s consumer-centric values. This alignment reassures candidates that the brand they know and love as consumers is the same one they are engaging with as job applicants.

4. Harnessing Positive Word-of-Mouth: Satisfied candidates are likely to share their positive experiences with their networks, enhancing the brand’s reputation. Conversely, negative experiences can quickly spread and damage the brand’s image.

Key Factors to Consider for a Positive Candidate Experience

1. Clear and Transparent Communication: Keeping candidates informed at every stage of the recruitment process is crucial. This includes timely updates on application status, clear explanations of next steps, and prompt responses to inquiries.

2. Professionalism and Respect: Candidates should be treated with the same respect and professionalism afforded to customers. This involves respectful communication, timely interview schedules, and a considerate approach to feedback.

3. Consistency Across Touchpoints: The brand experience should be seamless and consistent, whether a candidate is interacting with the HR team, hiring managers, or any other department. Discrepancies can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction.

4. Feedback Mechanisms: Providing a channel for candidates to share their experiences and acting on this feedback demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and valuing candidate perspectives.


The findings from Benchmarcx's poll are a wake-up call for HR professionals and recruitment teams. The candidate experience is not an isolated element but a critical component of the broader brand experience. For B2C employers, it is imperative to ensure that the recruitment process not only attracts top talent but also safeguards and enhances the brand’s reputation among consumers. By prioritising a positive candidate experience, HR and recruitment teams can play a pivotal role in fostering consumer loyalty and brand advocacy, turning every interaction into an opportunity for positive reinforcement of the brand.

By integrating these considerations into their recruitment strategies, HR professionals can ensure that their efforts contribute to a holistic and positive brand experience, ultimately benefiting both the employer and the consumer brand.

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